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The best way to metal ceiling tiles

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Metal ceiling tiles - The ceilings are often a common fixture in homes and offices that are easily installed and are very durable, so durable that sometimes decorating trends change and leave behind the old ceilings. The metal grid can repaint, while the tiles can be painted or replaced. Note that the structure of the painting ceiling is a somewhat more complicated than painting a wall work, but it is a project easy to make in an afternoon.


Still plan to paint the ceiling tiles themselves, the best you can do is face each work separately. The paint you need to cover the grid metal ceiling tiles could dampen the absorption properties of the tiles, so that completely cover them with tape and newspaper; Do this same thing with any light fixture on the ceiling there. It covers all edges well or removes the tiles. If you take note of identifiable mark to make it work to put them back in place even if they are interchangeable easier way.

Based Paint

Removes oxidized anywhere sandpaper coarse. Before painting, the metal ceiling tiles must be rubbed with steel wool so the paint then goes to apply adheres well. The metal is not painted, requires a base coat to prevent future rust and the paint to peel. Do not use rust preventative or textured bases. Apply with a can spray with a small brush or quality. If you decide to use the first method, you should cover the walls with newspaper until at least four feet (1.2 m) from the roof; also put some rags on the floor to catch any excess spray. Let the base coat to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions, usually time is about 4 hours.


There are several ways to apply the paint and the best for you will depend on your situation. For smaller roofs, stairs and a small brush China clean will be all that you need. For larger roofs, a spray can you find it faster, but should not be used if there is excess paint as it could damage the roof where the metal ceiling tiles structure is suspended. In this case, or for particularly high ceilings, using a roller with a notch 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) and an extension pipe. Use paint or latex semi-gloss paint in oils on most roofs, the only exception might be a room with home theater and using flat paints to avoid annoying reflections.

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