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The advantages and disadvantages of slate countertops

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Slate countertops - While it is easy to associate with slate roofs and the classroom, this naturally soft metamorphic rock is likewise an option in terms of countertops for kitchen and bathroom. Compared with other types of granite rock and natural stone such as marble and granite, slate is softer and has a matte surface. The use of slate as a surface for countertops has both advantages and disadvantages, especially when it comes to aesthetics.

  1. Style

Slate countertops have a distinctive look matte, which means it does not reflect light, like their counterparts in granite and marble. While some may consider the dull surfaces of countertops slate as mediocre or boring, Countertops Advice website notes that some people find in elegant sophistication and understated appearance of the surfaces, which have a softness that dazzling countertops granite and marble not.

  1. Colors

While the lack of brightness is a possible aesthetic disadvantage countertops slate, HGTV website notes that the lack of options available in color is another. While other types of countertops laminate particular, come in a wide range of colors to suit your decor and complement schemes existing color, with slate you stick mainly to the different shades of black, gray, purple and green.

  1. Heat Resistant

If you plan to cook a lot or use a curling iron in the bathroom, slate countertops can be a good option. According Countertops Advice, the granite countertops are resistant to heat, which is largely due to their non-sealed surfaces, which means there are no layers of protection that could melt or burn. Furthermore, the board is capable of absorbing heat, so that there remains focused in a specific area. In practical terms, with heat resistant countertops means you can put a hot iron skillet or on the surface without causing staining or damage.

  1. Scratches

While they are resistant to heat, slate countertops are not resistant to scratches that can occur with the tips of knives and other sharp objects; however, as reported by the website Nuance Stone Works, this propensity to scratch is not a major concern, since you can easily remove scratches with minimal effort. For minor scratches from occurring, rub some mineral oil on them with a damp sponge, and must disappear. If deep scratches, use a piece steel wool to polish.

  1. Ease of cleaning

The chalkboard surface is porous, which means that water and other liquids may eventually leak; However, the website Countertops Advice notes that the extent of absorption of the whiteboard is incredibly slow, which means that it is not prone to staining like wood and other porous materials. This makes slate countertops are easy to clean and require only an occasional washing with a sponge or damp cloth.

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