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Plans for Garage Building Cabinets

building cabinets from birch plywood

Not having enough storage space is an issue that affects many homeowners. As you accumulate more things, often seems that there are not enough places to put them. The garage often becomes a local store, but it can get quite messy. A good and quick solution is to building cabinets in his garage, which will increase your storage space.


Decide what will be stored in the closet. The items that you are storing will determine the size and type of timber required. If you need to store heavy items on your bookshelf, you will need a thicker wood, which will help support the items and leave the more resistant cabinet in general. The type of wood is also equally important. Plywood is a strong and relatively inexpensive material, but there are other options on the market, depending on the style you want for your office. Other types of wood such as pine or Brazil wood, can give a more beautiful appearance to your building cabinets. Choose the location where the cabinet will be placed, as this will help determine your size. Accurately measure the space where the shelves will be mounted and use these measurements to build a bookshelf.

Enclosure construction

Start by cutting four pieces of wood chosen, two pieces of building cabinets height, which are the sides. The other two parts are cut from the width size of the closet and are the upper and lower parts. Mount a framework with these parts with aligned between the two sides of the top and the bottom piece positioned between the sides, so that it is 2.5 cm outside the side. Screw all per ~ caps Place your shelves within the cabinet structure. The amount of shelves and the spacing will certainly be based upon what you should store. The shelves must be made using the same material of the outer structure. Cut the shelves making them the same size as the upper and lower parts and screw them into the desired locations. Install the back of the building cabinets. It needs to have the exact dimensions that make is flush with the top and bottom, and both sides of the unit. Make sure all sides of the back are neat with the edges, and screw. Finally, install hinges and a piece of wood covering the other opening to the closet door. Try to match the bottom of the door with the lower shelves, which give a gap of 2.5 cm above the ground.

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