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Flor tiles - Having nowhere to escape the weekends is a great gift you can give to your family, your children and why not your friends. Having a cottage is one of the projects that all we ever dreamed, but once you have it, it is very important to address the many issues and special responsibilities for maintenance.

Before hiring the services of an architect to start doing the work in the space outside the city, I invite you to read this note in which you'll learn about some trends flor tiles that will accompany you during the summer season in Latin America as well as some tips that not fail.

The importance of common spaces

If there is something that sets a common dwelling of a house in the country, is undoubtedly the importance of shared spaces. While each member everyday household moves at their own pace and preference; in the garden of life is much closer, more united and should be prioritized in the living room, kitchen, dining room and terrace , spaces where they will remain for several hours.

Floors and walls

In addition to all the amenities that you need your cottage are also important floors and walls. Knowing that surely will keep the flor tiles wet because of the guys walking after being in the pool or playing with naughty cousin’s ​​water, carefully chosen materials.

Mostly composed of vintage ceramics or tiles. It is also customary decoration using customized templates that can be the reasons that you like. One of the more conventional designs is the flower that gives a natural look to home.

For floors, a good trend is the paint color on a concrete base. Jorge Monica says it is best to divide the job finishes to the floor with a specialist painter and decorator to make it more professional.

If it is a rustic decor and want to keep that style, make your flor tiles are crafted in wood.

In terms of colors and shades, here are stolen beach tones such as pale yellow, white, peach and all the shades of green and blue.

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