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How to Make Recycled Countertops of Glass

recycled countertops for kitchens

Recycled countertops - It is very important to be environmentally sustainable and nothing shows commitment to both the environment and the use of recycled goods to make utilitarian and decorative accessories for the rooms. The reworking of glass used came from small studios to large construction companies and currently the reforms in the rooms include everything from sinks to countertops made of recycled glass. If you have talent for a variety of projects like DIY and want to try this ecological work, learn some general instructions for getting started.


  1. Choose a mold or form of prefabricated recycled countertops - or make a cast ceramic or stainless steel using a compound ready for mold making. You can use an existing bench as a model. The mold should withstand the oven temperatures.
  2. Measure cover the place you want to determine the amount of frit required to coat the area of ​​the workbench. View goggles and gloves to start preparing fried if you want to grind the raw materials on their own. You will work with thin slivers of glass, so it is also important to wear a dust mask.
  3. Grind until fine glass particles. Artisans recommend the following methods to reduce the glass: 1) heat the glass in an oven before dipping it in water, so naturally shatter; 2) Break the glass and place the pieces in a coffee grinder; 3) Wrap the glass in a cloth and beat with a hammer; 4) Pass the glass by a garbage disposer or a food processor.
  4. Place recycled countertops of the glass in the furnace set at a temperature falling between 650 and 700 ° C - 920 ° C maximum. Check the temperature range referring to the operating instructions of the oven. While the frit melts, the pieces began to come together, creating a solid mass and blown.
  5. Take the material the oven at least once during the process, to press the air bubbles that may form while the glass is heated. Maybe you cannot avoid all air bubbles in the finished product, but "squeeze bubbles" is a way to minimize them.
  6. Sink into the hot glass. Do this by placing the mixture into the soft mold or template and then gently squeezing the material, so that the glass takes the form of bench. While the material is still warm, you can add custom embellishments like colored pieces of glass, metallic tones and other materials to create a unique workbench.

7. While the glass is still soft, use a file or other tool to smooth out the rough edges that may have formed. The glass recycled countertops ready, when cooled and is ready for installation, it will be five to seven times stronger than regular glass that has not undergone this process of intense heating.

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