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How to Decorate a Corner China Cabinet in Dining Room

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Corner china cabinet - The cabinet is really a piece featured in a dining room and demands attention, whether well decorated. Its appearance can set the tone of the entire room. If the cabinet is virtually empty, the dining room will seem dull. If dusty or messy, the room will have the same feeling. Use these tips to decorate your corner cabinet properly.


  1. Decide what kind of style your living room has to help you select what goes in the corner china cabinet. If it is a formal lounge and majestic display fine china and crystal will be better than bright dishes. If it's a casual room, expensive crystal and polished silver may seem out of place but elements combine perfectly thrift stores.
  2. Select pieces using a palette of colors that complement each other. Try to avoid too much mixing bright colors, or mobile seem agitated and disruptive. Add neutral elements such as white porcelain, glass or silver, to contrast, instead of mixing many different styles of dishes and glasses.
  3. Select pieces of varying sizes and shapes. Clean lines and minimalist style; align pieces of similar sizes and shapes. For other styles, diversify the parts of interest. Start with a large piece at the bottom and then put a middle piece next to it or smaller pieces in front.
  4. Consider stacking cutlery rather than align them in the back of the cabinet. Cover the back with decorative trays and dinnerware and then put small piles of dishes in front so they are ready for use.
  5. Not organize the corner china cabinet like a storefront window. Use the spacing wisely to call attention to all the parts and does not seem overcrowded.
  6. Group similar pieces as a set of Asian parts of tea, or a few mismatched pots to make them look a purposeful collection, rather than a mixture of unrelated items placed at random.
  7. Put some strange items for an interesting visual, like pieces of folk art, an old blender, decorative candle holders or vases of dried herbs.
  8. Replace some items featured seasonally on corner china cabinet to keep the decoration according to the mood of the season. For example, use a bowl of apples in the fall, winter red candles, and a bouquet of fresh herbs in spring and roses tea in the summer.

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