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How to cover asbestos tile

asbestos tile flooring

Asbestos is a material danger that can cause cancer. This material was banned in 1970, but homes built before this date may still have asbestos tiles. You should hire professionals to do tests to detect and remove asbestos, as it is a highly dangerous substance, especially when you have a powder that can be inhaled through the lungs. If you suspect there is asbestos tile in your home, look for these warning signs and then contact a professional to do testing and a specialized company to take it away from home.

Asbestos tile can be harmful to health in homes that were built before 1980. Any form of damage can cause asbestos fibers are fired into the air where they could accidentally be inhaled and cause severe illness. And last but not least, the work of removing the tiles could be even more dangerous. That is why the Commission insurance products for consumer and environmental protection Agency recommend covering asbestos tiles instead of removing them. One sure way to cover it with tile adhesive.


  1. Take into consideration the age of your house. If it was built between 1900 and 1970 may have asbestos tile. It is likely to be found in insulation materials in the ceiling tiles and floors. Houses built between 1930 and 1950 have the highest risk of containing asbestos.
  2. Look for signs of wear on the tiles. The tiles in good condition at low risk of asbestos contamination, but notes that are broken tiles and emit a substance with the consistency of dust, called a professional to remove them immediately.
  3. Take into consideration the size of the tiles and misdeals. Asbestos tile used to measure 9 by 9 inches. If you notice that your tiles are that size, you should suspect that contain asbestos.
  4. Contact a place to conduct tests and take a sample of the material chemically to discern whether or not it is asbestos. The only way to confirm whether a material is actually Asbestos; is a test. Although you can find warning signs, you can only be sure with a laboratory test.

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