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How to Build Tool Storage Cabinets of Steel

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Tool storage cabinets - The workshops offer house wares cabinets for garages, workshops and sheds tools. These units are ready to hang, sides, top and bottom panels of cabinets and doors are attached with hinges. Manufacturers make such units as wood composites veneered boards, plastic resin and metal. Although all types of utilities can support tools for light hand, metal cabinets typically have greater support for the tools heavier power. The preassembled cabinets are available in upper or hanging units and combined units of base cabinets.

A tool storage cabinet of steel is a way to store items such as gardening equipment, tools or other items. Steel is a strong and durable material that can stand apart from heavier use, and is also more weather resistant than wood. Build your own steel cabinet is a way to get extra space, but you'll have to create a plan, finding the right materials and spend time putting it together. However, by doing this you can build it your way.


  1. Measure the length, width and height of the area where you want to place the cabinet. Write the measurements, since the need to design your tool storage cabinets.
  2. Create a diagram of the steel cabinet dimensions and scores you got. A basic cabinet consists of a rectangular steel box with two doors that open outward, besides shelves inside. Add other elements like chrome handles and a lock for security may also be possible.
  3. Replace the cover of the cabinet on the floor. Place two strips of steel 2 inches (5.8 cm) wide diagonal cross in the back of the sheet steel to form an "X".
  4. Fix them in place by adding screws and nuts along the metal strips. This will help to strengthen and support the rear of the cabinet.
  5. Build the basic shape of the sides of the cabinet fixing steel cabinet. Solder the long edge of the rear side panels. This provides a rigid connection between the two edges.
  6. Board the tool storage cabinets top to the sides and rear panel. Weld the steel blade at the correct angle to create a box. Is accommodated horizontally, while the sides and the rear panel are vertical.
  7. Base welded to the lower back panel and sides of the same manner as above.
  8. Brackets screwed into the side panels for supporting the shelves. Then screw the bands of the drawers on the sides to hold them in place. Make sure that accessories are horizontal using a lead pipe.
  9. Meeting the door using two hinges on each side of the cabin. Add a lock and handles on doors if they were included in your design.

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