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How to Build a Bathroom Floor Cabinet

bathroom floor cabinet storage

Bathroom floor cabinet - Build your own closet for the bathroom requires a set of plans and some carpentry tools. The plans can be purchased online or at a store house or wood. Alternatively, anyone who uses a tape measure accurately can draw them. They can be sketched by hand or designed in a CAD program design. Once you have the plan of your choice, the next step is to determine a list of materials. To acquire all the materials at once, you will be sure to have everything you need when you start to assemble your bathroom floor cabinet.


  1. Measure the area where you want to place the cabinet.
  2. Write each dimension of the Cabinet with the exact measurements; height, width and length. Even a tenth of an inch can make a big difference in the final look.
  3. Use pencil and paper to draw a sketch of the closet you want to build. Transfer all appropriate measures to the corresponding part of the design.
  4. Use a program CAD may help to visualize the bathroom floor cabinet in 3D before building and determine the list of materials you will need the store or lumberyard.
  5. Decide what type of wood you want to build your wardrobe. Keep in mind that a bathroom is a wet area and the wood cabinet will need extra protection. Add a wood stain or paint and cement of your choice to your list of materials.
  6. Decide what kind of hardware you want to use in the closet.
  7. Remember to add the screws, nails and wood glue waterproof the list for bathroom floor cabinet assembly.

Purchasing materials for bathroom floor cabinet

  1. Take your list of materials to store or lumberyard.
  2. Select the first timber. Select clear plaques with few imperfections, which are aligned on four sides. Timbers and boards are usually sold with 2.4 m in length, while plywood and other wood products manufactured are sold in slabs of 1.2 mix 2.4 m.
  3. Read the labels on varnish or paint of your choice to make sure that the product can withstand the environment of the bathroom. An extra hand or two of polyurethane can help keep your closet looking new.
  4. Add material to their hardware purchases, making sure to catch a few extra in case of breakage during installation or at a later date. Take screws, nails and glue also.

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