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DIY cabinets for home speakers

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Making DIY cabinets to boxes of homemade sound is a good way to get the design you want at a lower cost. If you have basic carpentry skills, you can design enclosures speakers from basic carpentry materials and even add features that would cost an extra in speakers manufactured.

Designing enclosures

Take a look at speakers manufactured to have an idea of the features you would like to incorporate in their boxes of homemade sound. Also examine diy cabinets custom that friends may have created. Keep in mind that if you intend to put the speakers on shelves, they should fit them. Determine if you want the speakers are portable or not. Add wheels and handles can make them easier to move. May also affect how heavy the wood you use to be. Because mobile devices take more shots, one should consider the use of wood a little sturdier to protect your speakers.

Materials for cabinet

Choose wooden slats of 2.5 per 5 cm to the structure of the diy cabinets. If desired, you can cut pieces of wood 5 by 10 cm to a smaller size. You need screws to secure the structure, as well as to help the rest of the construction of this project. To the outside of the cabinet, plywood 1.5 cm is a good option if the budget is not very large. You should choose a piece that has a beautifully finished, smooth side. You can choose any additional materials to the outside if desired. To cover your speakers, you can paint or varnish the wood. Another popular option is dark carpet. This carpet does not need to have a rubberized back. Dark gray suits most decors and is less likely to look too dirty. Choose the corners and handles, if you want to make your boxes of portable sound. Select axes plan to put cabinets on wheels. Choose some guards for bases of fixed cabinets.

Building cabinets

Cutting materials for the cabinets. To make faster assembly, place the pieces in the order that you intend to use them. Assemble the frame with slats. Drill holes for the speakers and wiring in the outer parts. Add the exterior of the structure. Connect the speakers to the offices. Pass the wiring of the speakers to the outside of the diy cabinets. Finalize the cabinets with the chosen material. Add the corners and handles it so chose. Place the cabinets on wheels or shields, if you decided to add this option.

Gallery of DIY cabinets for home speakers

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