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Care Onyx Countertops

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Onyx is known for its beauty translucent, natural colors and unique patterns. The cleaning and maintenance of onyx countertops are difficult because the stone is softer than granite and other natural types. Scratches, chipped and fading are common in stands of this material used in kitchens and bathrooms.


Onyx is really a natural stone formed from dissolved limestone that redeposit’s up. It is a limestone (calcium carbonate), which means that it is softer and more fragile than granite, slate or other types of natural stone. It is found in a variety of colors and natural patterns. Onyx could be found in caves along with other areas where lime stone is likewise present. It is mainly used as a decorative element rather than a main item of a house because it is more difficult to maintain than other types of stone.

Tips for cleaning countertops onyx

How onyx absorbs liquids quickly, you should pack up spills immediately to avoid damage in the countertop. Acidic liquids such as fruit, wine juice or vinegar may leave permanent marks, even with a good cleaning. Seal onyx countertops with durable sealant foods can help prevent stains, fading or chipped. The sealant should be applied after installation and before use by a professional. To clean onyx countertops, use a soft cloth. Use non-acidic cleaners to remove dirt and increase brightness. Don't spray cleaner close to the countertop. Instead, spray on dry cloth to prevent the stone absorbs the cleaning product, which could cause permanent damage. Wipe any excess liquid immediately. Onyx is translucent, meaning that the stone allows in more light than other natural stone products. While this may create a luminous effect will be more difficult to hide cracks and scratches. Natural cleaning products or those recommended through the manufacturer are best for cleaning the onyx. Use a cutting board when preparing meals on a countertop onyx. Surfaces like marble, onyx is easily scratched. Such risks are usually permanent and cannot be thinned or polished.

Onyx in the house

As the material is softer than other types of natural stone, most people do not use it in their kitchens, bathrooms or other areas of much use, because it is difficult to maintain the natural beauty of the stone. If your want to install onyx countertops in your house, consider using it as a decorative piece and not as a functional surface. A side table onyx, which is rarely used, or a work of art made ​​with stone, can allow you to enjoy its translucent beauty, without having to worry about constant maintenance.

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