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Can I install a under cabinet microwave and above the stove on an island?

under cabinet microwave bracket

Under cabinet microwave - Most microwave oven, and are designed to be placed under cabinets or on the stove, usually are not mounted in the cabinet above the stove, but on the wall under the cabinet. When it comes to an island, you have a wall where installing the microwave. If you can mount a microwave under a cabinet or island, depending on the stability of the cabinet.

Mount to the wall

When a microwave oven is mounted on the wall instead of on under cabinet microwave, wall studs will provide most of the necessary support for the weight of the apparatus. The mounting plate that came with the oven is designed only to be fixed to the wall and cannot be mounted in a cabinet. If you have to install a microwave over the stove in a cabinet, the mounting plate that came with the box does not serve you.

Kits for cabinets

To install a microwave over the stove, in a closet of a small island, you must purchase a mounting kit for cabinets. These mounting kits are designed specifically for installation in the bottom of the enclosure and secured to the top of the microwave oven. As these kits are made to fit many microwaves do not have the exact dimensions of a specific microwave, so you usually do not have the same strength as the wall mounting kits.

Weight Limits cabinets

An important factor in determining whether a under cabinet microwave island can support for cooking is over the weight limit of the cabinet. The documentation that comes with the cabinet in general says how much weight it supports. Although the weight limit of a cabinet exceeds the weight of the microwave, does not mean that the enclosure will withstand the microwave. You should also consider the weight of the items inside the cabinet.

Original Frame

Whether a cabinet can support the amount of weight that appears in the document or not, depends on whether the cabinet is installed correctly in the first place. When installed on the roof, island cabinets must be mounted in the rafters. If the cabinet does not have the proper original installation, it may not support the specified weight. To check the original assembly, use a stud finder to locate the joists in the ceiling and make sure the screws securing the under cabinet microwave are aligned along the roof beam.

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