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Bathtub sizes or shower curtain to a curved support

bathtub sizes and shapes

Bathtub sizes - The trend is bigger, deeper and baths with curved corners. Bathrooms have become more glamorous spaces and decor elements that were considered cutting edge are now more reasonable; anyone can have a luxury bathroom installing some elements. Curved curtain rods for bathrooms are available in various colors, finishes and sizes. The size of the curtain varies according part.

If you cannot find the size you need, you can make a custom curtain. Decorators can handle this task, or you can order one from a specialist manufacturer in custom sizes. These manufacturers may even have a vinyl coating made to your specifications.

Size Standard curtain

Curtains bathtub sizes or shower usually have 1.75 m wide and 1.80 m in length, a size appropriate for a man of 1.50 m. Curved rods that will be installed in a bath of 1.50 m do not require a larger curtain.

If you're looking for the right size shower curtain to put in your bath, it is useful to know that some of them come in standard size. The most common are made to fit a standard bath of 1.5 m, although they also come in larger and larger sizes.

Installing a curved curtain rod

Additional care must be taken when deciding the height of the installation of a curved rod, ensuring that the curtain is inside the tub and prevent water leakage.

Rooms and large baths

Over bathtub sizes or rooms with higher ceilings than normal may require greater than standard stick. Wider and longer curtains are needed. The seller of the tub should be able to provide information about where to get special curtains.

Alternative Curtains for large tubs

Instead of buying a curtain, consider using two standard sizes with the same print. When you hang them, the two overlap in two or three hooks in the center where they meet.

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